Passion, struggle, hurt, loneliness, connection. The emotional currents that ebb and flow through our intimate relationships are varied, and powerful.  This project explores those currents.  What does connection look and feel like?  How does the loneliness that lives in all relationships show up? As I entered into this work, I found that it was informed by my 40 years of practice as a psychotherapist.  From that work, I know that even the best relationships have moments of conflict and emotional distance.  Even the most strained relationships have moments of desire and connection. The images are, at times, ambiguous, reflecting that very ambiguity.  They ask us to reflect on our own relationships and, given that the couple portrayed are of different races, to reflect on our assumptions about race, and intimacy, and connection.  When we reach for one another, we reach deeply, filled with longing and risk.

Borges writes, "Whoever embraces a woman is Adam.  The woman is Eve.  Everything happens for the first time."  We reach so deeply when we hold each other.  Each touch is ancient.  Each touch is new.