Loved - click to enlarge

A couple of week ago, I was very honored to have my image entitled "Loved" selected as one of the winners in a competition sponsored by Rfotofolio.  I have admired the work of this organization and the team who  run it - Connie and Jerry Rosenthal - for some time.  The juror who selected my image was Susan Spiritus whose gallery in LA is one of the best photography galleries in the country.  She made some wonderful comments about my image in her juror's statement.   As you can imagine, I was very pleased by all of this.  As a result of being selected, my work, along with an interview, will be featured on the Rfotofolio website in the near future.  I'll post a link when it becomes available.

The competition - entitled ONE - was an interesting one.  Photographers were invited to submit images that were not part of a project or a larger body of work. So much of contemporary photography involves producing a series of photographs that explore a theme or a narrative.  The images live in relationship to one another and in doing so their meaning deepens, I think. I like working in project form as my work on the  Cocoon Series, the Shadow Series, and the little pond in my neighborhood demonstrates.  But there are images I like that do stand alone and deserve some recognition so I was especially glad that "Loved" was chosen.

I shot this image on a trip to Santa Fe last year.  Walking down Canyon Road, I glimpsed the sign sitting in a sort of alleyway and the visual irony led me to get out my camera.  While I really do find it important to think of my work in terms of projects, it is also fun just to wander around and see what the world offers.