Back in the studio!

My life has been busy, both on the photography side and also at work.  A couple of weeks ago, I spent two mornings making portraits of the participants at an adult day center that primarily serves folks with dementia.  I've done this before and it is always a pleasure.  Many of these people don't have current portraits for their families because it is hard and confusing to get them to a commercial studio.  Me coming to their familiar territory makes things easier.  It was a lovely time, the staff were very helpful, and I got to shoot some beautiful, even beatific, faces, and hear some great stories.  I met a man who worked with Thurgood Marshall on the Loving v. Virginia case that established the right of people of different races to marry, a woman who escaped Nazi Europe as a child and another many who supervised the construction of a number of important buildings.  It was a reminder that photographers can make a contribution to the community while doing the things we love.  Now I have to edit and print all those portraits!

Shadow Series #96 - click for larger image

Then, this week, I was finally back in the studio!  I had the chance to work with a talented dancer and acrobat/contortionist who I have worked with before.  We played around with a little bit of everything.  We tried some slow shutter motion capture, some work with my new film camera (samples upcoming if they turn out at all interesting) and shot some of the cocoons and shadows.  The Shadow Series continues to interest me.  It is fun to play with the same set of elements over time, seeing how they work together as the series develops, finding new relationships or viewpoints.  Sometimes the change comes as the elements change and other times it comes as my perception of the elements changes.  And sometimes it is just serendipity.  This time around the tall ladder I had been shooting shadows from wasn't at the studio and I used a stepladder instead.  I liked the more intimate sense the images had when the distance was closer. 

Shadow Series #94 - click for larger image

Cocoon Series #164 - click for larger image

We also shot with the body stocking and I came away with several images I am happy with.  However, I feel my interest in that project waning.  I hope to do some images outdoors when the weather warms up and that may signal the end of that project.  But, of course, you never know.  I've been at this point several times before only to have something new appear.

It was good to be back in the studio and working in the lovely collaborative spirit that shooting a model involves.