Where does the time go?

Shadows Series #41 - click for a larger version

Wow!  Nine months since I posted here.  My apologies!  That makes me even happier to share this image of a wonderful model and lovely person - Katya Zvantseva - from a recent shoot.  This is part of a new project that I'm calling the Shadow Series.  I use a strong directional light at a fairly high angle to keep the shadows from becoming too broad and shoot down on the model from above using a tall ladder.  I am really fascinated by the way the shadows play with the figure adding contours and emphasis.  I'm especially drawn to this image because of the sense that Katya is floating in space as well as the wonderful line of her pose and her hair adding some interest to the otherwise clean lines of the image.  Katya is truly a joy to work with.

In other news, the Southern Poetry Review will feature my photos on the cover of both issues of Volume 52 with the first issue due out soon and the second coming at the end of the year.  Southern Poetry Review is a prestigious journal and I am very honored that they saw my work and asked me to contribute.  A fellow photographer -- Andy Ilachinski - was kind enough to suggest my work to them since they had used his work for previous covers.  In fact, I seem to follow Andy around since he also preceded me in Lenswork.  I'm hoping he sells one of his images for a million bucks soon so I can coattail on that success!  I believe Southern Poetry Review sells on newsstands so check out your local bookstore - if you can find one -- around July 1st. 

Finally, I have begun to offer my prints for sale via my website.  Please check out the Purchase Prints page for more info if you are interested.