Things and things and things . . .

Shadow Series #72

I'm beginning my New Year's resolution early, and that is to post more regularly here.  Since I have plunged into the uncharted waters of tweeting (inspired by a wonderful workshop on social media and web presence for photographers that I attended a couple of weeks ago),  I need to have something to tweet.  Today's post will be my first try . . . (If you click the images you can see a larger version)

I continue to work on the Shadow Series (see the New Work page here on the website).  Mostly, I've shot my models on the floor from atop a ladder, resulting in images that obscure space and orientation.  However, at a shoot in August, I was in a studio with a large white wall, shooting a male/female pair, and we played with what shadows we could make against the wall.  I'm particularly happy with this image of Holly playing with the light against the wall.  I like how her dynamic pose leads into the long shadow of her arm. 

Cocoon Series #157

More recently, I had the chance to shoot with a wonderful model and friend, Katya Zvantseva, who I've shot with before.  Katya is now pregnant and we had a great time working on the Shadow Series and the Cocoon Series with the added interest of the lines of her pregnancy.  There are lots of good images to work on but I was drawn to the one posted here because of the beautiful curve of Katya's belly contrasted with the straight line of the torn cocoon fabric.  Of course, the metaphor of Katya emerging from the torn cocoon was always close at hand.  Katya was a trooper throughout the shoot.  I so appreciate my models' dedication to making great images.

Earlier in the month, I had the chance to attend a workshop with David Bram of Fraction Magazine and Jennifer Schwartz of Crusade for Art who talked about building a good website and using social media to promote your work as a photographer.  I learned some new things and was reminded of some things I know to do but haven't been doing.  With their inspiration, I've decided to start using Twitter.  Never thought I would hear myself say I am tweeting . . . but there you are.  If you want to follow me, I'm @eemccollum . . . my Twitter link is in the menu on the left as well.

Finally, a couple of pieces of good news . . . Another Cocoon Series image will appear on the cover of the upcoming issue of Southern Poetry Review.  I am so happy to have my work associated with this influential poetry journal and to collaborate, in that way, with other artists.

In addition, I was awarded an Honorable Mention for a portfolio I submitted to  the portfolio contest at Adore Noir magazine. Adore Noir has published a portfolio of the Cocoon Series earlier and I was delighted to have this portfolio from the Shadow Series recognized in this way.   I'll post updates about both of these publications when they are available.