Cocoon Series #036-Edit.jpg

I got some very good news this week. . . a portfolio of my Cocoon Series images will appear in the next issue of Lenswork magazine. I am so happy about this since I have long admired Lenswork both for the care and quality of its physical presentation and for the quality of the work they publish. Some of my personal photography heroes have appeared in Lenswork and it is both gratifying and a little intimidating for me to be among them.  My work will appear in both the print and digital issues and apparently there will even be a recorded interview available in the digital edition. Thanks to the many wonderful models I have worked with over the years and especially to Katlyn Lacoste, Rhus, Blueriverdream, Sasha Beth, and Miss Elizabeth who will appear in this issue. And thanks to the many friends who have supported my work . . . Not bad news for a sunny Tuesday evening in DC, huh?