Cocoons and Mud

Cocoon Series #84

I had a chance to shoot again with Blueriverdream . . . the model I wrote about in my post on first sessions.  We decided to play with the cocoon and some body paint and cosmetic mud to see what adding texture and deeper tones might do to the Cocoon Series.  Blueriverdream was a real trooper and I ended up liking the added texture and the way the mud followed the contours of the stretched fabric.  Simply adding another element  added another dimension to the series.

I was thinking about work in a series after our session in the studio.  Some series are broadly thematic, with disparate parts held together around the broad theme.  It's a bit like a larger jazz ensemble where the various instruments play around and with each other, weaving a whole that can feel multi-layered and complex.  Series like the Cocoon Series, however, are more like a jazz trio or quartet, the endless ways in which a limited group of elements can come together -- in this case, light, the nude figure, and the nylon cocoon -- occasionally adding a new element to enrich the mix.  I like both approaches and am trying to figure out which approach to take in my next longer-term project.